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Access Mango online language learning without a library card!

Hoover Public Library is excited to announce participation in Mango Languages’ Public Library Community Outreach Initiative. In order to connect as many members of our community as possible with learning opportunities, any Jefferson or Shelby County resident can now access Mango’s language learning software for free through the library’s website — no library card needed.

While the population is being asked to remain apart physically, many are turning to technology to feel connected with others. Prior to this initiative, Mango was exclusive to Hoover residents. That barrier has been removed for a limited time, providing easier access to over 70 world language courses, including English.

Learning a language offers opportunities to improve mental stimulation, cultivate relationships, expand cultural awareness, seek new employment opportunities, and of course, connect with others. Mango teaches language and culture through proven methodologies that build conversation-ready language skills, and is accessible across mobile and desktop platforms with features that allow for offline learning.

To get free access to Mango Languages through Hoover Public Library, go to, and sign up to start learning today!


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Kid Lit Coffee Break from My Living Room

Sunday, April 26 was supposed to be one of my Kid Lit Coffee Breaks, a chance for adults who love kid lit to talk about books while they drink coffee and eat decadent desserts.  I always love those Breaks, and I hate that I can’t host one in the usual way.  But this is National Library Week, and I must carry on!  I have my "Thank You for Being a Friend" Golden Girls mug of coffee, a jar of edible cookie dough, and a stack of books I’m eager to share with you.  So grab the beverage and treat of your choice, and let’s get started.

Confession time.  I’m not reading as many books as usual, which is probably the exact opposite of almost every other person.  I’m trying to diversify my down time – movies, jigsaw puzzles, cross-stitch, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, sticker mosaics [This is a recent discovery, and I’m loving them].  Plus I only had so many library books checked out before we closed down, so I’m trying to make them last.  These are my faves I’ve read since the beginning of COVID isolation.

PICTURE BOOKS [Further confession – I read all of these aloud to myself in my living room.  I highly recommend you try it sometime.]
Happy Right Now by Julie Berry & Holly Hatam  This is an adorable and uplifting title that is perfect for right now.  And I found a great read-aloud version.  This ebook is available from Hoopla.
No More Naps! by Chris Grabenstein & Leo Espinosa  This one gave me the giggles.  No surprise there, considering the author has written numerous novels that made me laugh out loud.  Watch the book trailer.    Read about the author’s inspiration behind the story.
Two Little Trains by Margaret Wise Brown & Greg Pizzoli  This childhood classic gets a fresh treatment from a modern picture book star.  The publisher’s website features printable activities
Vote for Our Future! by Margaret McNamara & Micah Player   I will definitely be featuring this one in a fall edition of Book Report, our teacher newsletter.  It is the perfect prep for the upcoming election season.  Starred review in Kirkus! 

NOVELS [Unfortunately, I didn’t have many with boy protagonists.  Publishing industry, will you please make the ratio of boy to girl protagonists more even?!?!]
The Monster Hypothesis by Romily Bernard  This was a title I randomly found while browsing the shelves.  And a reminder of why I need to do that more often.  It’s a STEM mystery set in Southern, swampy, alligator-populated Bohring.  And it's available as an ebook on Overdrive!
Shine! by J.J. and Chris Grabenstein  This one had been on my radar for some time, but I didn’t pick it up until it was featured as a Brightly Book Club pick.  It is available on Overdrive in both ebook and downloadable audio.
What I Carry by Jennifer Longo  I chose this one because I’ve been trying to read every novel I can dealing with foster care.  On any given day, there are nearly 443,000 youth in foster care in the United States.  Their stories are underrepresented in the publishing industry.  Read this interview to learn what inspired the author to write the book.  This title is available as an ebook on Overdrive.
When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller  I loved the author’s first book, and this one has a Korean folklore element that will make it a perfect match for this year’s fantasy/myth Summer Reading theme – Imagine Your Story.  I found an excellent interview with this author, too.  You can get the ebook or downloadable audio from Overdrive.

All of a Sudden and Forever: Help and Healing After the Oklahoma City Bombing by Chris Barton & Nicole Xu  I am a big fan of Chris Barton.  So when I saw the subject matter of his newest book, I was surprised . . . but confident he would treat the topic with the respect it deserves.  This one is amazing.  And it made me want to learn more about the memorial.  But have the tissues ready.  This ebook is available on Hoopla.
The Electric War: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Light the World by Mike Winchell  This was one of the 2020 NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to fans of Steve Sheinkin.  The audio is available on Hoopla.
From an Idea to LEGO: The Building Blocks Behind the World’s Largest Toy Company by Lowey Bundy Sichol  This is one in a series of four books.  I will definitely read the other three.  This is a good rec for fans of the Who HQ biography series.  BONUS!  The author has made her author visits of all 4 titles available online! 
Insect Superpowers: 18 Real Bugs that Smash, Zap, Hypnotize, Sting, and Devour by Kate Messner  I love everything this author does.  Literally, everything.  I also have her latest novel checked out.  And I’ll be blogging about everything she’s doing during COVID in an upcoming blog called Kate & Kate.  This book is set up like a graphic novel picture book, highlighting the superhero-like powers of real insects.  Watch Kate quickly book talk it while at a conference.  This ebook is available on Hoopla.

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History in 5

As the outreach librarian, I usually spend my work day bouncing from library to school to school to library.  I'm almost always on the go.  Now, I'm confined to a borrowed laptop at a desk in my house.  I had to think of a different way to reach out to my community.  So I dove and delved into available online resources that I can promote to our local educators and families.  That's how I found out about History in Five.



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