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Adult Blog

Although Spring Break is ending, beach reads are just starting to be a necessary thing for librarians. Needing something light and entertaining is a regular occurence during the start of warmer weather here in Alabama. If memory serves me, I spent practically all of my juvenile and young adult years reading during Spring Break. I needed to detox from my studies, detox from my family, and/or detox from my job. Now, my ideal reading situation requires sun, a comfy chair, a tangy margarita and at least four or five salty reads.

A favorite topic for fiction writers is the disastrously dysfunctional family. We see on the page people much worse off than ourselves - dealing with adversity or coping with diametrically opposite personalities. One author that excels in portraying this type of family is Jonathan Franzen. Although he has been quoted as being opposed to the phrase "dysfunctional family," his explorations of family always seem to evoke a visceral reaction in readers. In The Corrections, we read about the slow decline of the patriarch, Alfred Lambert. Franzen's novels will be read far into the future and their importance to literature is exceptional.

I was a late comer to the comfort and pleasure of the Netflix series, Anne with an E. I passed it over for more edgy, adult content. However, with the end of the pandemic in sight and the prospect of the world righting itself, I was in need of something nostalgic and heartwarming. I had loved Anne of Green Gables throughout my childhood and had reread the novel in my adulthood to a renewed appreciation of the classic. When I read the classic, I wanted to be Anne the orphan who finds a loving home and go on adventures. The Netflix series reignited that passion. This plucky orphan is never without her trusty imagination. And while await season four, I decided to read some other comforting and uplifting tales.



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