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Adult Blog

I had been in a historical fiction reading slog when I stumbled on a new magical fantasy novel that transported me to a charmed island full of strange and extraordinary children. T. J. Thune’s new book, The House in the Cerulean Sea was both heartwarming and hopeful – which is something I need in my life after a year like 2020. It portrays Linus Baker, the hardworking everyman, who must visit a faraway orphanage he has never heard of in order to assess their status. Should the orphanage be shut down?  Is Arthur Parnassus a good caretaker?

Yesterday was officially International Women’s History Month. To celebrate, we are highlighting some excellent memoirs and biographies of women being released in the coming months. If written well, these are almost as addictive as pop fiction! Memoirs take a certain point in time and create a readable story that endures - while others simply strive to entertain. The author’s personal take and feelings and assumptions are pivotal to a quality narrative.

Coming of age novels typically depict young adults in transition -- new city, new careers, new relationships. The appeal is that we can see how this transition plays out on a variety of characters in far flung locales. But it doesn't have to be a young adult. My opinion is that sometimes "coming of age" arrives later to some.



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