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Adult Blog

During February's Black History Month, I will be recommending and celebrating black authors. In that attempt, I bring you an Alabama Eco-warrior that has garnered international attention for her 2020 nonfiction book, Waste: One Woman's Fight Against America's Dirty Secret by Catherine Coleman Flowers (with a foreward by Bryan Stevenson). This MacArthur grant-winning black activist has made a measurable difference by advocating and educating the public on the injustice dealt to rural and poor areas in regards to environmental regulations.

When they are toddlers, we call them "fussy". Disgruntled teens are infamous. And adulthood brings it's own traumas. Finally, we have the lovable curmudgeons - still fussy, still disgruntled, with a quite intractable attitude that is deemed antisocial. As I've learned, there is a special day to celebrate those unique, cranky individuals and that day is today! Authors seem to love to create characters that snipe at one another, wreak havoc, and then, miraculously transform into loving, understanding people. Sometimes that happens in real life, but more often their curmudgeonly ways are set in stone! However, when reading fiction, readers love a transformation.

With electronic devices in our hands 24/7, lots of people geek out to weather forecasts (I'm talking about my husband!) With the increased popularity of The Weather Channel's app, WeatherBug, AccuWeather, or RadioScope, there should be no surprise as to what to wear daily. BUT we are in the South. The original "wait 5 minutes" land that can never make up its mind as to shorts or flannel in January. Officially, January 25th is "Observe the Weather Day." According to my sources, it's supposed to be 71 degrees Fahrenheit with 80% chance of precipitation. Yeah, that's about right! If you find yourself obsessing over the weather, it can creep into your fiction reading too.



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