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When Australian reporter, Sarah Turnbull, was in her twenties she decided to take a year long leave of absence from her job and travel around Europe. While in Romania she had a chance encounter with a French attorney named Frederic. They had only one dinner together in a group of other people, but hit it off, and Frederic invited Sarah to visit him for a week or two in Paris. She hadn’t planned on going to Paris – but, her logic was that she was out for adventure; she liked him, so why not pursue it and see where it took her.

Many of the back issues of our popular magazines are available for a three-week checkout period. Popular subjects include business, cooking, crafts, entertainment, health, home decorating, home improvement, sports, travel and weddings. Several times a year, we purchase special interest magazines that are also available for checkout. These subjects range from cars to crafts to photography, sports, tattoos and cinematography.

Stop by the newstand on the Plaza to see the current issues of our magazines, though not all of our current issues are displayed there. Business magazines are displayed in the business area of the Nonfiction Department and Spanish language magazines are displayed in the Spanish area of the Fiction Department.

In 2007, English soccer star David Beckham announced he was signing a five year contract with Major League Soccer's Los Angeles Galaxy. This move shocked the soccer world in that MLS is generally considered a "B-League" on the world stage and Beckham was then plying his trade with Real Madrid, one of the elite super clubs of the world in one of the world's elite soccer leagues. Part of Beckham's reasoning was that he wanted to help soccer grow in the United States and eventually become on par with football, basketball and baseball in terms of popularity.



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