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Adult Blog

2021 begins with a lot of hope and prayers for an improvement over 2020. Great books will be published and movies will follow. The debate rages as to whether book-to-movie adaptations are good, bad or ugly, but rarely better. Some books, for me, are made simpler and more visually appealing through film. However, if I absolutely loved reading the book, I rarely like the adaptation. If the book was underwhelming, a movie or TV series can be a boost for me.

For years, my coworkers have been singing the praises of author Julia Quinn and her Brigerton series of romance novels.  Eight siblings, all alphabetically named and tied together by love.

Thursdays are huge book club days here at the Hoover Library! On the first Thursday of each month, we read a fiction selection voted on by all active members. Tomorrow we will be discussing Jennifer Weiner's Mrs. Everything at 10 am. On the second Thursday, we meet at the same time to discuss another fiction title. Overall, 12 books are chosen for the year and are rotated between the two groups. Virtual meetings on Zoom have become the norm for gathering, discussing and dissecting the author, characters and plot of a given book. I have had many participants tell me that they read the chosen book and would never have selected it for themselves but enjoy getting outside of their comfort zone!



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