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Submit Your Book to the Hoover Public Library

The Hoover Public Library has a collection development policy in place to ensure all library collections meet the needs of our library users.  Donated books will be considered for addition to the collection based on the library’s Materials Selection policy.  Local and state authors who request their books be added to our collections are encouraged to read the Self-Published section of the library’s Materials Selection policy.  Donated materials not added to the library’s collection will be sent to the Friends of the Library bookstore and will not be returned to the author.  Self-published family histories will not be added to the library’s collection.  Items added to the collection that do not circulate regularly will be subject to removal as part of the regular de-selection process.  

To submit your book for consideration, please complete and mail in a printable Author Submission Form OR fill out the electronic form below:

In the event that you have hard copies of reviews and publicity materials, those can be mailed.

Has your book been reviewed? Please provide detailed information or links to where your review(s) can be found. For example: Library Journal, October 2013, Page 60. If you prefer to mail us reviews, we have provided a printable form with instructions on how to do so at the top of this form.
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