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Alabama Audubon and the Hoover Library Presents: Introduction to Birdwatching




Please register for each of the Introduction to Birdwatching sessions below:

February 16, 2021 at 6 pm

February 23, 2021 at 6 pm

These two consecutive Zoom sessions will primarily be geared towards introducing people to the different types of birds in our area; how to attract them with feeders and water features; gear for watching, books/field guides and other resources. The first session takes place Feb. 16 and the second session is on Feb. 23.

Don't forget to drop by the Fiction Desk for your beginner's birdwatching takeaway, while supplies last!


Our Speaker:

Greg Harber of the Alabama Audubon will discuss winter birds that we normally see in our area and how to identify and attract them. For these two consecutive Tuesday evenings, we will learn more about what attracts these birds and how to keep them visiting our yards. These programs are co-sponsored by Alabama Audubon, whose mission has been to promote conservation and a greater knowledge of birds, their habitats, and the natural world since 1946. Greg Harber has been a member of Alabama Audubon since he first moved to Birmingham in 1986. During that time, he has served in various capacities, including as a chapter officer and as a key member on several committees (Bird Counts and Education, among others). An avid cyclist and master birder, he currently serves on the Alabama Audubon Board of Directors and as chair of the Field Trips committee. 

Additional Resources and Handouts:

Alabama Birding Trails


Audubon at Home: Protecting Birds from Window Collisions

Audubon at Home: Birding by Ear with Paul Franklin

o    Simple Singers

o    De-coding Bird Songs

o    The Robin Song Family


o    Mimics and Name-sayers


Audubon Guide to American Birds

Audubon Guide to Bird Feeding

Audubon Guide to Purchasing Binoculars


Best Birding Apps:  BirdNet (Birding by Sound) and Merlin (Bird ID Wizard) both made available by Cornel Lab of Ornithology

Birds in Your Backyard: Cornell Cooperative Extension


Common Birds of Birmingham by Greg Harber

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, All About Birds (searchable database useful when searching for birds by name, shape or family)

Gear for Beginning Birders


Getting Started in Birding with Alabama Audubon

Getting Started in Birding with the National Audubon Society

Great Backyard Bird Count, Homemade Suet Recipe for Birds

Hoover Library Nonfiction Department, Birding Resources  hpl_birding_resources.pdf


Introduction to Birdwatching by Greg Harber


National Park Service, Birding for Beginners


New York Times, Wirecutter Section, The Best Birdfeeders to Purchase