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This Is the Blog That Jack Built

This is the blog that Jack built.  These are the stories that inspired the blog that Jack built.

I think everyone is familiar with the classic cumulative tale This Is the House That Jack Built.  Did you know that it has inspired other authors to build stories that follow the same repetitive wording pattern?  And now it has inspired me to write this blog!  It's the final week of Summer Reading, but there's still time to add one of these books to your list.

Around the Table That Grandad Built by Melanie Heuiser Hill
The Fort That Jack Built by Boni Ashburn (ebook on Libby & Hoopla)
Jack's House by Karen Magnuson Beil
'Ohana Means Family by Ilima Loomis
The Piñata That the Farm Maiden Hung by Samantha R. Vamos
The Road That Trucks Built by Susanna Leonard Hill
The Sandcastle That Lola Built by Megan Maynor
The Tree House That Jack Built by Bonnie Verburg

Want to read the original, but need it to be downloable?  The Golden Book version is available on Libby and the Taback version is on Hoopla (audiobook & movie).

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