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A Blog of Mythic Proportions

I went through a HUGE mythology obsession when I was in elementary school.  It all began with a book called Daughter of Earth: A Roman Myth by Gerald McDermott (1984).  Everyone knew I was a big time reader, so I often received books as gift.  I don't recall who gave me this particular story, but I vividly remember reading it while standing outside in the snow.  I was swept away by the drama of Demeter's reaction to her daughter Proserpina's sudden marriage to Pluto, ruler of the Underworld.  I began searching for more titles of Roman and Greek mythology in the little public library that was on the top floor of the building right across the street from our government quarters in Weierhof.  I also searched the school library (but to no avail).  It didn't take me long to read everything available.  YOU ARE SO LUCKY that you have so many more options to explore!  And you aren't limited to Greek and Roman mythology.  Just stroll through the nonfiction stacks in the 290s or take a look at these two 2020 Summer Reading lists to see all of the mythological worlds you can explore!  

Rick Riordan & Friends
Mythical Quests

Want to introduce your little one to the Greek Myths?  Try the Mini Myths board book series from mythology expert Joan Holub.  All titles are also available on Hoopla.  

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