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Crash, Splash or Moo?

Oh, Bob Shea, how we love you here at Hoover Public Library!

Crash, Splash or Moo! by Bob Shea (September 18, 2018)

"The spirit of Evel Knievel is alive and well in this retro game show, restructured for the storytime set.  A blue monkey, bedecked in a purple suit clearly filched from Willy Wonka’s tailor, invites readers to play a guessing game. Will the daredevils featured in this book crash, splash, or moo in a given situation? The brave souls in question consist of Action Clam (“America’s favorite splashin’, crashin’ stunt clam!”) and an ordinary cow. As for the stunts, they include being shot from a cannon into a glass of water, leaping over 10 school buses on a motorcycle, and one that involves piñatas, a rocket pack, and an enormous tub of butterscotch pudding. It’s clearly written with storytimes in mind, and child readers are encouraged to raise their hands as they vote on what they believe the contestants will do in any given situation. Kids will eat up the humor even as they bask in the knowledge that they’re smarter than their host, Mr. McMonkey. Shea rocks a euphoric chaos, deploying both copious negative space and a pop-art sensibility. And thanks to the visible palette of yellow, red, and blue, this is one read-aloud that will be easy to see across a crowded room.  All the interaction of an Hervé Tullet book, with a flying clam, a hyperactive monkey, and a cow all thrown in for good measure." [from Kirkus Reviews

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