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Crime fiction for our cold nights!

Although crime rates seem to go down during times of low temperatures and snow, we seem to have an influx in the publication of great crime novels. The titles below are ones that are currently on order in our Fiction collection and will be great reads while we are staying warm at home. Our extreme weather this week made sitting at home in front of some kind of heating source and reading a book very attractive.

Why is crime fiction so popular? That very issue has been examined by many. Crime fiction provides an insight into something most people do not practice – violence and rule breaking. People love to look inside the mind of those that stray from the normal human path. But the most interesting thing in a crime story is not really whodunit, but WHY they did it. The violence and gruesome details do not have to be on the page, but readers thrive on getting all the details so that they can put their minds to work on how to solve the puzzle. Crime fiction exhibits the fundamental rules of storytelling, which are cause and effect.

Most writers will throw in “red herrings” or will lead the reader in more than one direction, but a good crime writer will make the reader feel as though their own clever mind has deduced a solution. Our logical minds reach for cause and effect when following a story narration. The other great truth of human nature is death – and reading crime fiction explores the realm of the possible and impossible. Let’s hope some of these crime reads will keep you busy on these cold nights! 

Black Coral: A Thriller / Andrew Mayne. Sloan McPherson and the Underwater Investigation Unit have discovered a van at the bottom of a murky Florida pond. Sealed inside the watery tomb are the bodies of four teenagers who disappeared thirty years ago after leaving a rock concert. To authorities, it looks like a tragic accident. To Sloan, it looks like murder. Every piece of evidence is starting to connect to a string of cold case vanishings throughout Florida. Clue by clue, Sloan navigates the warm, dark waters where natural predators feed, knowing that the most dangerous one is still above the surface--nesting and dormant.

Do No Harm / Christina McDonald.  Emma loves her life. She’s the mother of a precocious kindergartener, married to her soulmate—a loyal and loving police detective—and has a rewarding career as a doctor at the local hospital. But everything comes crashing down when her son, Josh, is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Determined to save him, Emma makes the risky decision to sell opioids to fund the life-saving treatment he needs. But when somebody ends up dead, a lethal game of cat and mouse ensues, her own husband leading the chase. 

The Downstairs Neighbor / Helen Cooper.  From her downstairs apartment in suburban London, Emma has often overheard the everyday life of the seemingly perfect family upstairs--Steph, Paul and teenage daughter Freya--but has never got to know them. Until one day, she hears something that seizes her attention: Freya has vanished and the police are questioning Steph and Paul about their life. Do either of you have any enemies? Anyone who might want to harm or threaten you?

An extravagant death / A Charles Lenox Mystery by Charles Finch. London, 1878. With faith in Scotland Yard shattered after a damning corruption investigation, Charles Lenox's detective agency is rapidly expanding. The gentleman sleuth has all the work he can handle, two children, and an intriguing new murder case. But when Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli offers him the opportunity to undertake a diplomatic mission for the Queen, Lenox welcomes the chance to satisfy an unfulfilled yearning: to travel to America. 

Lola on Fire / Rio Youers. Brody Ellis is short on luck and even shorter on cash to buy the medication his sister Molly needs. Desperate, he robs a convenience store, but on the way out, he bumps into a young woman and loses his wallet. Just when he expects the cops to arrive, the phone rings. It's Blair Mayo--the woman he bumped into--and she's got the missing billfold.

The minders / John Marrs. In the 21st century, information is king. But computers can be hacked and files can be broken into - so a unique government initiative has been born. Five ordinary people have been selected to become "minders" - the latest weapon in thwarting cyberterrorism. Together, the five know every secret - the truth behind every government lie, conspiracy theory and cover up.

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