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Curious about Mars?

Lots of attention has been focused on the Red Planet ever since NASA's rover Curiosity completed its 354 million mile journey to Mars. You can get the latest news on this historic mission at NASA's Mars Science Laboratory website. But you can get tons of great background information in the Hoover Public Library's Kid Zone. Satisfy your curiosity with one of these ten titles about our planetary neighbor.

Exploring Mars by D. J. Ward (J 523.43 WAR)
Exploring Space: Mars by Derek Zobel (E 523.43 ZOB BEGINNING READER)
Eyewitness Mars by Stuart Murray (J 523.43 MUR)
Let's Explore Mars by Helen & David Orme (J 523.43 ORM)
Mars by L. L. Owens (J 523.43 OWE)
Mars by Conrad J. Storad (J 523.43 STO)
Messages from Mars by Loreen LEedy & Andrew Schuerger (J 523.43 LEE)
The Might Mars Rovers: The Incredible Adventures of Spirit and Opportunity
by Elizabeth Rusch (J 523.43 RUS)
Planet Mars by Seymour Simon (E 523.43 SIM BEGINNING READER)
Seeing Red: The Planet Mars by Nancy Loewen (J 523.43 LOE)

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