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Dig Deep #2: Get the Dirt on Underground Marvels

This week's nonfiction list focuses on natural and manmade marvels hidden below the ground.  Get ready to explore!  Click on the blue title to see if the book you want to read is available.  Click here for a printable list complete with call numbers.
1. Caves by Erinn Banting
2. Caves by Claire Llewellyn
3. Caves by Sally M. Walker
4. Caves: Mysteries Beneath Our Feet by David L. Harrison
5. The Chunnel: The Building of a 200-Year-Old Dream by Jil Fine
6. Dark Labyrinths by Michael Goodman
7. Dig a Tunnel by Ryan Ann Hunter
8. Digging Tunnels by JoAnn Early Macken
9. Discovery in the Cave by Mark Dubowski
10. Exploring Caves: Journeys into the Earth by Nancy Holler Aulenbach & Hazel A. Barton
11. Hidden Under the Ground: The World Beneath Your Feet by Peter Kent
12. I Wonder Why Stalactites Hang Down and Other Questions About Caves by Jackie Gaff
13. Looking Inside Caves and Caverns by Ron Schultz
14. Mammoth Cave National Park by Mike Graf
15. Painters of the Caves by Patricia  Lauber
16. Poop Happened!: A History of the World from the Bottom Up by Sarah Albee
17. Secret Subway: The Fascinating Tale of an Amazing Feat of Engineering by Martin W. Sandler
18. Tunnels by Elaine Landau
19. Tunnels by Chris Oxlade
20. Who Lives in a Deep, Dark Cave? by Rachel Lynette
21. Wild Underground: Caves and Caving by Neil Champion


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