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Dogs in Space

Meet a pair of animal astronauts.  Wait . . . they're Russian.  Make that cosmonauts.

Dogs in Space by Vix Southgate
"Readers learn the amazing story of how two street dogs—brown-spotted Strelka and fluffy white Belka—become unlikely space pioneers. The two pooches, plucked from the alleys of Moscow, survive training and a nail-biter of a launch to orbit the Earth before arriving back on the ground as tail-wagging global celebrities. Deppe’s charmingly gonzo illustrations of smiling, bug-eyed dogs cleverly incorporate references to ’80s-era sci-fi graphics and Russian Constructivist design, while Southgate’s larky imagined telling of a key scientific milestone balances an engaging plot, useful details, and an inspiring message: 'If two little dogs from the streets of Moscow can make history, then perhaps you can too!' Back matter includes timelines of animal launches and the Space Race." [from Publishers Weekly review]

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