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Dragonfly & Honeybee

Spring has sprung, which means I've got bugs on the brain.  Insects are absolutely AMAZING, and so are these books about them!

Dragonfly by Aimée M. Bissonette (2020-ebook on Hoopla)
E  595.733  BIS
This vividly illustrated science picture book is full of fascinating facts about dragonflies. Sometimes referred to as naiads, these creatures have been on earth for 300 million years. At one point, their wingspan measured more than two feet across. Today, dragonflies are much smaller; their wingspans range from half an inch to seven and a half inches. The insects begin life in ponds and streams, fighting to survive. As they grow, dragonflies molt (split their skins) up to 17 times before they are ready to emerge from the water and begin their journey on land.

Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera by Candace Fleming (2020-ebook on Overdrive)
J  595.799  FLE
Robert F. Sibert Medal, Orbis Pictus Honor
A tiny honeybee emerges through the wax cap of her cell. Driven to protect and take care of her hive, she cleans the nursery and feeds the larvae and the queen. But is she strong enough to fly? Not yet!  Apis builds wax comb to store honey, and transfers pollen from other bees into the storage. She defends the hive from invaders. And finally, she begins her new life as an adventurer.  The confining walls of the hive fall away as Apis takes to the air, finally free, in a brilliant double-gatefold illustration where the clear blue sky is full of promise-- and the wings of dozens of honeybees, heading out in search of nectar to bring back to the hive.  Eric Rohmann's exquisitely detailed illustrations bring the great outdoors into your hands in this poetically written tribute to the hardworking honeybee. 

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