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Get on Board the Magic School Bus

The Hoover Public Library has always had the Magic School Bus on its shelves -- the original picture book series as well as spin-off beginning reader and first chapter books. We also have MSB DVDs in the nonfiction movie section of the Kid Zone. Sadly, we didn't have all 52 episodes . . . until now. They have released The Magic School Bus: The Complete Collection, and we purchased two copies of the 8-disc sets. You can check them out one disc at a time. And the good news is that you can keep nonfiction DVDs for 3 WEEKS. That will give you plenty of time to absorb a busload of scientific information. Here's a breakdown of which episodes are on each disc. You can also see what scientific topic is associated with each episode.

Gets Lost in Space The Solar System
For Lunch Digestion
Inside Ralphie Germs
Gets Eaten The Food Chain
Hops Home Habitat
Meets the Rot Squad Decomposition
All Dried Up Desert Adaptation

In the Haunted House Sound
Gets Ready, Set, Dough Kitchen Chemistry
Plays Ball Forces
Goes to Seed Seeds
Ants in Its Pants Ants
Kicks Up a Storm Weather
Blows Its Top Volcanoes

Flexes Its Muscles Body Mechanics
The Busasaurus Dinosaurs
Going Batty Bats
Butterfly and the Bog Beat Butterflies
Wet All Over Water
In a Pickle Microbes
Revving Up Engines

Taking Flight Flight
Getting Energized Energy
Out of This World Space Rocks
Cold Feet Warm/Cold-Blooded
Ups and Downs Floating and Sinking
In a Beehive Honeybees
In the Arctic Heat

Spins a Web Spiders
Under Construction Structures
Gets a Bright Idea Light
Shows and Tells Archaeology
Makes a Rainbow Color
Goes Upstream Migration
Works Out Circulation

Gets Planted Photosynthesis
In the Rain Forest Rain Forest Ecology
Rocks and Rolls Water Erosion
Holiday Special Recycling
Meets Molly Cule Molecules
Cracks a Yolk Eggs
Goes to Mussel Beach Tidal Zones

Goes on Air Air Pressure
Gets Swamped Wetlands
Goes Cellular Cells
Sees Stars Stars
Gains Weight Gravity
Makes a Stink Smell
Gets Charged Electricity

Gets Programmed Computers
In the City Critters
Takes a Dive Coral Reefs

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