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The Giver Gets Graphic

Lois Lowry's Newbery Medal-winning classic, The Giver, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a graphic novel adaptation by Eisner and Harve Award winner P. Craig Russell.  This adaptation also features a series of questions posed to Lowry and Russell both.  The author and illustrator have interesting things to say about art and the necessity of the story, even though it is likely to face challenges again.  Kirkus Reviews praises the adaptation as "a first-rate visual reframing: sensitive, artistically brilliant, and as charged as its enigmatic predecessor with profound challenges to mind and heart."  And School Library Journal claims "this stunning work will introduce The Giver to a brand-new audience and will also delight longtime fans."  I know I'll be reading it.  How about you?

The Giver: The Graphic Novel (02/05/19)
Jonas lives in a colorless world where everyone is content and conformity is the key to serenity. At the age of 12, in a ceremony that determines Life Assignments for each citizen, he's chosen to be the community's "Receiver of Memories." He begins training with the Giver, an old man who is the sole guardian of the community's dark and concealed history. Jonas learns not only of sunshine, color, and love but also of pain, war, and death. Confronted with this reality, he faces difficult choices and discovers that the wisdom he now holds could determine the fate of his entire civilization. This striking retelling of the modern classic blends words and images to create a brilliant new representation of Lowry's dystopian conflict between the ideals of free will and security. The artwork, rendered in blue pencil and grayscale, perfectly depicts Jonas's stark, dysfunctional society, and the measured introduction and brief glimpses of color keep readers hopeful for a brighter future. The characters are distinct, and the action flows well, evoking the feeling of the original work. Dialogue is pulled directly from the source material and heightens the story line and Jonas's emotions.


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