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Good Night, Wind

When you think of March, are your thoughts green?  March is a time of year when everything green starts to grow again.  Or, are you like me?  When I think of March, I think of the wind.  In fact, my family oftens refers to March as being "windy weather chickens".  Yes, my family is weird.  And wonderful.  Do you know what else is a bit weird but definitely wonderful?  This new picture book inspired by a folktale about the wind.

Good Night, Wind by Linda Elovitz Marshall, illustrated by Maëlle Doliveaux (February 26, 2019)
Inspired by a Yiddish story, author Marshall uses fresh language to reimagine this tale of the winter wind, exhausted after working all winter blowing leaves off trees and sculpting snow drifts for children, now looking for a respite. But all the places it tries to settle down—the cozy houses, a tree trunk, a rock—reject it because, of course, it’s the icy winter wind. When it rattles the windows of a remote cabin, frightening a young boy, the boy’s sister demands that the wind stop and tells her brother that “Wind is acting like a tired, angry baby.” The boy replies, with impeccable child logic, “Maybe Wind needs a nap?” The two children guide the wind to a cave, where the wind gratefully hunkers down. While the story is wonderfully inviting in itself, illustrator Doliveux’s images, created using dioramas constructed from cut-paper collage, then lit and photographed, are wondrous. Winter Wind is a swirling mass of paper strips in cool blues and whites with dark, expressive eyes. By contrast, the cozy rooms and houses are rendered in warm colors and steady lines to give viewers a sense of order and warmth. [from Kirkus Reviews]

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