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Graphic Novels in the Classroom

It's 2021.  It's time, people.  Time to accept that graphic novels are real books with literary value.  They are worthy of the classroom.  Your students will thank you.  And you will thank me for encouraging you to take that leap of faith.  You'll also thank me for gathering all of these resources to help you introduce graphic novels to your class.

Scholastic Graphix Teaching Guide
This is the newest version of the resource that helped me begin to appreciate graphic novels back in 2015.  I received a paper copy at a session at the American Library Association's annual conference in San Francisco.  There are also two excellent supplements from their Teach Graphix Week this past October, one for elementary and one for middle school.

Notes from the Field: Graphic Novels in the Curriculum
Learn from the experiences of two Louisiana librarians who are passionate advocates for this form of visual storytelling: Soline Holmes is a librarian at the Academy of the Sacred Heart Lower School, and Alicia Schwarzenbach is a librarian and instructor at Delgado Community College. Both are based in New Orleans.

Newbery & Coretta Scott King Award-Winning New Kid
Jerry Craft's New Kid won both the 2020 Newbery Medal and the 2020 Coretta Scott King Author Award.  Access two different discussion guides on the author's website. 

Experiencing the Surreal and Sublime through Dog Man
Dog Man is crazy popular.  And, yes, the premise is far-fetched and the humor is not exactly subtle.  BUT it is still an excellent way to engage your students while teaching literary concepts.

Graphic Novel Book Club Possibility
Get inspired by the Comic Book Club created in partnership with the Maumee branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library and their local middle schools.

Want to get your hands on some graphic novels?  Of course you do!  We have a large collection here at Hoover Public Library, and we are happy to help you find the very best ones for your classroom.  Just ask!

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