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Hector the Collector

I recently discovered this gem while browsing our new picture book collection.  This charming story celebrates the joy of collecting and how collections can grow into the most breathtaking museums in the world.  I think I'll have to add it to my personal collection . . . of books!

Hector the Collector by Emily Breen
"When Hector comes across an acorn, he discovers a love for collecting them in all shapes and sizes.
They were all different.
They were all the same.
They were all beautiful.
One day his teacher finds his desk filled with acorns, and his classmates make fun of poor Hector. But they soon learn that all collections are special—whether coins, stuffed animals, songs, or seashells—and that some collections are also meant for sharing, like the paintings in an art museum or the books at a public library."

Visit the publisher's website for a preview.

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