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Hi, I'm Norman!

No, I haven't changed my name.  I'm still Miss Katie Jane, blogger extraordinaire.  I'm just trying to tell you about a new picture book biography about American artist Norman Rockwell.

Hi, I'm Norman: The Story of American Illustrator Norman Rockwell by Robert Burleigh & Wendell Minor (10/01/19)
Folksy geniality infuses this picture book biography of a beloved U.S. artist. Framed as a first-person recollection, Rockwell welcomes readers into his studio and shares the story of his life, tracing how his childhood love of “telling stories with pictures” stayed with him as he grew up and found success creating covers for the Saturday Evening Post. Burleigh’s conversational, approachable tone (“Was I nervous? Are you kidding? My heart was pounding like a sledgehammer”) pulls readers along as Rockwell’s narration wends through amusing anecdotes (corralling a turkey model) and serious themes: addressing WWII in his Four Freedoms series, and putting U.S. racism on the front page with The Problem We All Live With. Minor’s accomplished watercolor, gouache, and pencil illustrations capture key moments in Rockwell’s life and process with snapshot charm. [from Publishers Weekly]

Watch the illustrator talk about creating this book!

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