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Inspired by Summer: Pool Party

A pool party is the classic way to celebrate the end of summer.  All of my favorite summertime pool memories took place in Germany.  There was an outdoor pool that my family could walk to in a neighboring German town.  The pool was big and filled with both Americans and Germans.  Kids could tell who was who easily because most of the young German children swam naked.  This was completely shocking to my little sister the first time she noticed it. (A German boy she was playing with was holding a water pail in front of his swimsuit.  Except, when he moved the pail, there wasn't a swimsuit.)  But by the next pool visit, she didn't even blink an eye.  We were too busy having fun!  And eating!  That pool had the best pommes frites (french fries) and an amazing selection of gummi candy.  We also could hop in the car and take a short drive to the Schwimmbad in Kirchheimbolanden.  It was an indoor pool complex with lots of bonus features, like slides and waterfalls.  I Googled it while I was writing this blog, and it's still in business.  The website is in German, but you can still look at the pictures.  Cool, right?  If you want to celebrate the end of summer reading with a pool party of your own, I'm here to help!  Here are some ideas to enjoy the cool of the pool . . . even if you don't have a pool.

1. Pool Noodle Fun
Pool noodles are simply the best.  They are so versatile!  You can float some pool noodle boats.  You can make pool noodle ponies to help you ride the waves.  Turn pool noodles into lightsabers for some Star Wars water fun.  Turn pool noodles into a marble run water slide.  And my favorite idea of all?  Make a DIY sprinkler with a pool noodle!

2. Pool Games
Do you enjoy playing Marco Polo or Chicken Fight while in the pool?  Do you want more ideas?  Here are over 30 pool games great for kids!  If that's not enough for you, you could set up a squirt gun race.

3. Bathtub Pools
If you don't have access to a pool, you can throw a pool party in your bathtub!  Put on your swimsuit, grab your fave flotation device, and splash around.  Then dry off with a beach towel.

4. Books for the Cool of the Pool
There are lots of great books about kids swimming, diving, and enjoying the pool.  Just make sure you don't get them wet!

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