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Introduction to Birdwatching with Alabama Audubon's Greg Harber

Tomorrow night wraps up the two-part series on beginning bird watching with Alabama Audubon instructor, Greg Harber. Because it is on Zoom, there is no limit to the number of attendees -- be sure to sign up! Part One, available here on our YouTube channel, was an hour and a half of great information ranging from what to look for when identifying birds to what kind of equipment you need to be a backyard birder.  Personally, I learned a lot. I had no idea, for example, that Pine Siskins were coming down with salmonella from dirty feeders! Be sure to bring those feeders inside and clean them thoroughly! 

Greg also gave me some tips on which type of binoculars I'm going to request for my next major gift-giving holiday! But, you don't need fancy equipment to explore the over 400 species of birds that inhabit our state.  Part two of Greg's program will take us around the state in an effort to show how diverse and interesting birding can be in Alabama. Knowing when and where to go is the most important component to bird watching. From there, enjoy the sights and sounds of our flying friends! Check out the webpage for a list of online resources including titles of the best birding books at the Hoover Library! If you are like me, married to a "bird nerd" means listening to recordings of bird songs and calls to come outside to enjoy the swifts at sundown. No matter your starting point, birding is for everyone!  If you are unable to attend tomorrow's Zoom session, check out the class schedule through Alabama Audubon and look for both parts of our Introduction to Birdwatching on the Library's YouTube channel!

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