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It Was Supposed to Be Sunny

I just LOVE the Little Senses series from Samantha Cotterill!  Each book is written for children on the autism spectrum, but they can be enjoyed by all!  The fourth title deals with adapting to the unexpected. 

It Was Supposed to Be Sunny (03/30/21)
Laila feels like her sparkly sunshine birthday celebration is on the brink of ruin when it starts to storm. Then, just as she starts feeling okay with moving her party indoors, an accident with her cake makes her want to call the whole thing off. But with the help of her mom and a little alone time with her service dog, she knows she can handle this.

Changes in routine can be hard for any kid, but especially for kids on the autism spectrum. Samantha Cotterill’s fourth book in the Little Senses series provides gentle guidance along with adorable illustrations to help every kid navigate schedule changes and overwhelming social situations.

Don't miss the other three books in the series!
#1 This Beach Is Loud! (sensory overload)
#2 Nope. Never. Not for Me. (trying a new food)
#3 Can I Play Too? (paying attention to other people's feelings)  This book also has a  great set of activities available on the publisher's website.

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