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Kids in the Kitchen

Cooking together with your child is one of the most rewarding activities you can engage in.  True, you may be rushed and busy, especially during the holidays, but it's worth slowing down for just a few extra minutes to introduce your child to healthy food and its preparation.  Children of different ages exhibit varying degrees of skill in the kitchen, but for the most part, the average two-year-old can help:
wash & scrub fruits & vegetables
carry safe cooking utensils & small equipment to the work surface
crush crackers & cookies into crumbs
tear up lettuce and spinach leaves
arrange foods on baking sheets & trays

An average three-year-old can do whatever a two-year-old can do, plus help:
cut soft foods with a plastic serrated knife
pour (with assistance) measured liquid ingredients into a bowl of dry ingredients
stir or whisk ingredients together
mix batter

An average four- or five-year-old can do all of the above, plus help:
measure (with assistance) dry ingredients
mash soft foods together
peel a banana or an orange if the skin has been loosened
crack an egg (with assistance) into a bowl
set the table (with assistance) 

[This information came from a PLAY & LEARN in Sesame Street Ready for School: A Parent's Guide to Playful Learning for Children Ages 2 to 5 by Rosemarie T. Truglio & Pamela Thomas (2019).  The tasks are based on recommendations from the National Network for Child Care.]

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