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Let There Be Light

Light, the sixth and final installment in Michael Grant's bestselling GONE series, was released today, April 2, 2013.  Can't reveal any details without spoiling the series for newcomers, but here's a general synopsis of the overall story arc.  And, remember, you can find all six GONE titles in the Teen Spot at Hoover Public Library.
It happened in the proverbial blink.  Everyone in Perdido Beach, California over the age of fourteen disappeared.  Gone.  Those that remain must face countless battles against hunger, lies, plague.  Epic battles of good against evil.  Will they ultimately save themselves or perish in their struggles for power?

1. Gone
2. Hunger
3. Lies
4. Plague
5. Fear
6. Light
Gone ebook
Hunger ebook
Lies ebook
Plague ebook

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