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The Magnolia Story

The Magnolia Story is an endearing walk through Chip and Joanna’s journey to their Fixer Upper television show fame. Narrated by Joanna, and Chip too with his usual style of popping in and out, this book takes you to the start of their relationship, the first houses they flipped, and the beginnings of a new family. Though this book isn’t a behind-the-scenes of Fixer Upper, it tells everything that came before the show and gives you an interesting peek into their past. Joanna doesn’t leave out the hard times in their business or their relationships, as, with each challenge they conquer, a new one always seems to leap up. But through it all they share their philosophy for life and how they choose to thrive rather than survive. It feels like your sharing a laid back conversation with them. Their charm and friendliness shines through the pages. As feel good biographies go, this one does the trick, and who doesn’t need a little Chip and Jo in their lives every once in a while?

Don’t forget to check out The Magnolia Journal magazine in Nonfiction to get recipes, stories and new ideas from Chip and Joanna monthly!



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