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A Post About Compost

It’s that time of year when a lot of people start to plan their spring gardening projects. This season, consider starting a compost pile in your home or yard! Compost is made of recyclable materials that you might encounter every day, such as coffee grounds and filters, vegetable and fruit scraps, shreds of paper, dry leaves, and more. Over time, these materials breakdown and combined with some soil can become a valuable mixture for your garden. In addition to helping your green thumb, composting is environmentally sound and helps to reduce waste in landfills. Getting started with extreme recycling or composting would be a great weekend project to engage the whole family, but also is easy enough for one gardener to tackle alone. The Hoover Library has books available on how to get your compost bins up and running! Been composting for a while? We also have books for more experience composters, looking to take their recycling to the next level. Visit us, or call the Nonfiction department at your Hoover Library and ask us about our gardening collection and composting information.


Practical Perma-Culture by Jessi Bloom and Dave Boehnlein              

Organic Gardening for Dummies by Ann Whitman        

Vermiculture by Donald Connely

Compost by Kenneth Thompson

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