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Rawhide Down by Del Quentin Weber

I just finished reading Rawhide Down by Del Quentin Weber, a reporter for the Washington Post. The book is about the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan March 30, 1981 outside the Washington D.C. Hilton hotel. It reads like a thriller even though we all know the outcome.

Weber has a unique way of following those involved: the E.R. trauma team at George Washington Hospital, surgeons, nurses, Mrs. Reagan, White House staff, Vice President Bush, the President's cabinet, Secret Service agents, FBI agents, D.C. police and, the shooter, John Hinckley, Jr. He weaves a tapestry of 24 hours in the people whose lives intersected that day.

Weber leaves the reader with a view of their personalities and gives followup on what became of them 30 years after the shooting of the President, Press Secretary James Brady, Secret Service Agent Timothy McCarthy and police officer Thomas Delahanty. It was a page turner!

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