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The Real McCoys: Two's a Crowd

The Real McCoys by husband-wife team Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr was one of my absolute favorite books of 2017.  I had my fingers crossed that there would be a sequel.  And now there's a sequel!!!

The Real McCoys: Two's a Crowd (November 6, 2018)
"When a baffling mystery strikes Tiddlywhump Elementary, sibling detectives and absolute opposites Moxie and Milton McCoy are on the case. She's the doer. He's the thinker. She's the heart. He's her heartburn.  Moxie's friend Emily has received a suspicious letter signed with nothing but a sinister purple squiggle. Then more letters arrive—along with more questions. Who sent them? What do they mean? Is the world on the brink of collapse?  Milton and Moxie are the perfect problem-solving team...if only they could get along.When their partnership falls apart, Moxie races to identify the mysterious Squiggler first—while learning the hard way that two McCoys really are better than one.  With energetic illustrations on every page, Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr's Two's a Crowd is a vivaciously funny and irresistibly heartfelt mystery for young readers."

Want a sneak peek inside the book?  Take a look at the publisher's page.

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