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Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Spiders

We all have our fears.  Mine?  Chickens, of course!  And I recently had a harrowing experience with not just one, but many!  I went on vacation to Key West.  NO ONE told me that there are roaming roosters.  Not. One. Person.  That is information I needed to know.

Sam Wu knows all about overcoming fears.  He's the bravest scaredy-cat in the literary world.  And his fourth book came out this week.

Sam Wu Is NOT Afraid of Spiders by Katie & Kevin Tsang (03/10/20)
Sam has NOT been afraid of ghosts, sharks or the dark and is now absolutely NOT afraid of spiders … maybe! So, when Tulip, a Goliath bird eater tarantula, escapes from the sixth-grade classroom Sam decides that he must step up and protect his fellow pupils by finding her, if only to prove to his nemesis, Ralph Zinkerman, that he is not “Scaredy-Cat Sam”. Madcap and hilarious escapades ensue as Sam and his group of loyal friends try to come up with a fool-proof plan, aided by his fearless, spider-loving little sister and involving a jar of honey and a cat wrapped in tinfoil.  What could possibly go wrong!

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