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Spring After Spring

Today, March 20, 2019 is the first day of spring!  For many, springtime is the time for new beginnings.  And spring cleaning.  I prefer to focus on the former.  And my favorite type of beginning?  Starting a new book!  I recommend a title that the National Science Teachers Association named both a 2019 Outstanding Science Trade Books selection and a 2019 Best STEM Books selection.

Spring After Spring: How Rachel Carson Inspired the Environmental Movement by Stephanie Roth Sisson
As a child, Rachel Carson awoke to a symphony of birds, and she listened, watched, and wrote as other animals joined in. Innovative, appealing illustrations show Rachel in comic-book panels, vignettes, and full- and double-page spreads as she explores, observes, and deeply appreciates nature. A profusion of dialogue balloons reproduces the vocalizations of the animals around her. As a student, Rachel intends to write but instead focuses on the microscopic world in a drop of water, which in turn leads to underwater scientific study and, later, well-received books about the sea. However, it’s when she realizes that the symphony she loves has grown quiet—effectively represented by both the absence of sound bubbles and negative-space outlines of creatures now disappeared—that she makes her greatest contribution by revealing the destruction caused by pesticides in her book Silent Spring, which contributed to the formation of the EPA and the environmental movement. Resilience and dedication are strong underlying themes here; relevant details, such as her mother’s background in music, are seamlessly incorporated; and while the focus understandably stays on her work—her overwhelming success as an activist and scientist in a field dominated by men goes unmentioned—there is certainly room for outside discussion. [from Kirkus Reviews]

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