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Summer Reading: The Next Challenge

Summer Reading 2019 is winding down, but that doesn't mean you have to stop reading for the rest of summer.  Why don't you create your own summer reading challenge between now and when school starts back?  I found some great suggestions at

1. See how many different (and unusual) places can you read: on a trampoline, under a table, in a closet with a flashlight.  I bet you'll have even more (and better) ideas.

2. Read a different book by the same author or illustrator every day for a week.

3. Read a picture book or graphic novel, then continue the story with your own artwork.

4. Create a paper chain to keep track of how many books you read.  Write a mini book review on each of the links.

5. Read a book in a different genre every day: mystery, biography, graphic novel, poetry, nonfiction -- there are so many choices!

6. Read a wordless picture book, then write your own text for each page.

7. Read a book about the beach on the beach . . . or on a towel in the living room.

8. Read books with covers that match every color in the rainbow.

9. Read a book to someone else: a parent, a sibling, a pet, or even a stuffed animal.

10. Read books with main characters that are different from you.

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