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Tumblebooks Storytime: FUN IN THE SUN

This is the final week of summer reading!  Since our Monday summer storytime series ended last week, I've put together a DIY storytime for you using Tumblebooks.  Our website looks a bit different since my last Tumblebooks Storytime, so here's how you can find it online.  Go to our website and click the blue BOOKS rectangle.  Scroll down to Tumblebooks and click on LINK TO RESOURCE.  You will be asked to enter your library card number in order to continue to the Tumblebooks website.  Once there, click on the INDEX tab to see an alphabetical list of books.  Use the alphabet buttons at the top to narrow your search for the titles.

Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen   With enough lunch for three, Mr. Magee and his dog Dee head out to the sea.  But what begins as a fun day in the sun turns a bit bumpy when one playful whale decides to say hello. Soon the crew that once was floating finds themselves flying! How will they get down?  Who will come to their rescue?  And when will they ever get to eat lunch?
Nathan Saves Summer by Gerry Renert  Join Nathan the hippopotamus, whose lifelong dream is to become the lifeguard for a small pond, and the neighboring animals who vacation there each summer.  Concerned that Nathan may be too big for the small pond, the other animals come up with an array of excuses why Nathan can’t serve as the pond lifeguard.  A twist of fate leads the animals to a new, idyllic swimming spot, turning Nathan into the local hero.
Sink or Swim by Valerie Coulman  Ralph the cow is trying to beat the scorching summer heat.  What better way to cool off than to go swimming?  But wait, cows can't swim . . . or can they?  Ralph tackles this challenge with unsinkable optimism.

Chalk Shadow Drawings  On a sunny day, capture your shadow on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.
Ice Cube Necklace  Fun to make and cool to wear.
Paper Plate Sun  Turn two paper plates into one cute sun craft.
Paper Sun   Fold and cut an easy paper sun with twelve rays.
Solar Oven S'mores  Use the power of the sun to make a tasty treat.
Water Balloon Towel Toss  This is a great activity if you have at least four people.

Be Outside by Jazzy Ash  Take your dance moves outside with her newest music video!
Mr. Sun by Ladybug Music  This is my favorite version of this classic tune.
Palentero Man by The Lucky Band  Cool off with this hot song about the local ice cream man!
Summer Baby (Let It Ride) by Caspar Babypants  This tune also gives you good ideas for fun in the sun!
Take the Sun by Caspar Babypants  Movement song to celebrate the sun and the moon.

Beach Day! on KidLit TV  Author Patricia Lakin reads her adventure about four toothy reptiles heading to the beach.
Born to Ride on KidLit TV  Learn to draw the star of this story -- a girl on a bicycle!
I Got the Rhythm on Sankofa Read Aloud  Capture the beat of the street, to create a rollicking read that will get any kid in the mood to boogie.
Jabari Jumps on Rooftop Kid Storytime  Jabari is definitely ready to jump off the diving board.   Maybe.
Sandy Feet! Whose Feet? on Sankofa Read Aloud  When a family spends a day at the beach, the children investigate various footprints to see what type of creatures live along the shoreline.
Sunny Day on Brightly Storytime  Read along with this stunning tribute to Sesame Street and the generations of children who have loved the show.  Features a variety of illustrators!
T-Bone the Drone on Sankofa Read Aloud  A new tech toy brings epic trials and triumphs in this playtime adventure! 
When a Dragon Moves In on Storyline Online  Is there truly a mischievous dragon running around on the beach or is someone’s imagination running wild? 

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