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Virtual Farm Field Trip

I wanted to sneak in one final virtual field trip before school's out.  Our destination?  The farm!  It's a popular choice during normal field trip times.  Plus my mom is from farm country in Fulton County, Illinois.

American Dairy Association
These three virtual farm tours were developed last year for student classroom viewing, but they were released to the public in response to the COVID closures.  There are three farm tours, geared for different age groups.  Kids ages 4-9 will enjoy touring Dutch Hollow Farm.  Kids ages 10-13 are invited to tour Will-O-Crest Farm.  High school students can explore JoBo Holsteins Farm.

Undeniably Dairy 
Go beyond the barn with the cows, the Feldpausch family and their team!  This VFT takes students behind-the-scenes to show them key ways farmers and the dairy community bring dairy foods from the dairy farm-to-table, while contributing to sustainable food systems that are good for the land, animals, people and the planet.  It was put together by Discovery Education and the National Dairy Council.  There is an educator guide targeting grades 5-8.

Free-Range Egg Farm
Welcome to this Canadian free-range egg farm that is also certified organic. Free range eggs come from hens raised in barns with access to outdoor runs, when weather permits.  There are several video tours, including a 360° tour.

Apple Orchard
Learn about how apples are grown, packaged, and everything in between. You’ll meet Canadian apple growers Murray and Joel, who will explain the importance of working together, of using Integrated Pest Management in their orchard and how critical Seasonal Agricultural Workers are to their business.  There are several video tours, including a 360° tour.

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