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What Is NASA?

Listen, I'm not trying to question your intelligence.  I know that you know what NASA is.  After all, we're coming to the end of a space-themed Summer Reading program that included a major space exploration anniversary.  Everyone is well-aware that NASA stands for National Aeronautical and Space Administration, and it is an independent agency of the United States Federal Government responsible for the civilian space program, as well as aeronautics and aerospace research.  This blog is simply drawing attention to the fact that there is a new title in what we librarians affectionately call "the big-headed biography family."

What Is NASA? by Sarah Fabiny
J  629.4  FAB

Which of these facts are true?
It was created in 1958 in the early days ofthe “space race” against the Soviet Union.
In 1969, the United States won the spacerace by landing astronauts on the moon.
In 1977, it sent up two golden records thatare still flying through space today.
All of the above!

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