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Where's Waldo?

Have you ever been in a huge crowd, looking for a friend or family member? You know what they're wearing, so you think they'll be easy to spot. But you just can't find them? Well, did you know that there is a series of books that has been turning this kind of situation into a super-fun challenge for 25 years? That's right, people. Where's Waldo? is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2012. Waldo first appeared in a book in 1987. Since then, he's shown up in tons of unlikely places, surrounded by interesting objects and Waldo Watchers (those other people who insist on wearing red-and-white stripes to confuse us). Creator Martin Handford says, "I can't tell you how pleased I am that Waldo has taken on a life of his own. I'd like to inspire children to open their minds to explore subjects more, to be aware of what's going on around them. I'd like them to see wonder in places that may not have occurred to them."

Open your eyes to the wonder. Check out one of Mr. Handford's books today.
1. Where's Waldo?
2. Where's Waldo? in Hollywood
3. Where's Waldo Now?
4. Where's Waldo?: The Fantastic Journey
5. Where's Waldo?: The Great Picture Hunt
6. Where's Waldo?: The Incredible Paper Chase
7. Where's Waldo?: The Wonder Book

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