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Why You Should Wear a Bike Helmet

You don’t expect to hear a cautionary story on bicycle safety during a library program highlighting career training opportunities in construction. However, with the days growing longer and the warmer temperatures, Byron McCain’s story about his son’s journey needs to be shared.

Walker McCain opted to not wear a helmet when biking with a friend. Less than a mile from home, his hat blew off and he applied the brakes instinctively reached backwards to catch it. Walker went over the handlebars and slid 50-75 feet, landing against a rock. He lost consciousness and among his injuries were a broken neck and extensive brain injuries.

Walker spent the entire summer relearning basic motor functions: walking, speaking, etc. The doctors at Children’s Hospital advised him that had he been wearing a helmet, most of his injuries would have likely been avoided. Fortunately, Walker was able to recover and is now a student at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. In an effort to tell others about the dangers of biking without a helmet, Walker teamed up with Children’s of Alabama to share his story and hopes that others will heed the message and avoid the pain and heartache he and his family experienced.

I encourage you to see his story here and pass it on:

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