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Yoga Book Break

Some people celebrate today, December 14, as Yoga Day.  Why?   It is the birthday of a man called “the father of modern yoga,” B.K.S. Iyengar.  He is credited with popularizing yoga in India and throughout the world.  (International Day of Yoga on June 21 is another day you can celebrate this way of moving, breathing, and focusing attention and energy in order to improve health.)  But don't just take a yoga break today.  Take a yoga book break!

Yoga Animals: A Wild Introduction to Kid-Friendly Poses by Paige Towler (2020)
Did you know that many yoga poses were inspired by animals? Let these creatures inspire your young ones to get moving, practice mindfulness, or calm down after a long day. Simple step-by-step instructions explain the kid-friendly moves. Kids will get a kick out of the accompanying photos of animals that mimic each pose.

I Yoga You by Genevieve Santos (2020)
Parents and children learn how to say "I love you" through yoga as they move through their day together in a perfectly mindful way with this board book.

I Breathe: Yoga Poses for Little Ones by Susie Brooks (2020)
Have fun trying yoga poses and breathe your worries away!

Llamaste & Friends: Being Kind through Yoga by Annabel Tempest (2019)
Llamaste is a llama who likes to practise yoga. Join her in this funny, sweet board book story as she helps Tiger calm down and Koala be brave by showing them simple, useful yoga poses. 

Hands to Heart by Alex Bauermeister (2019)
With a gentle reminder for children to breathe and to connect their bodies, this beautifully illustrated picture book contains a sweet cast of animal friends to guide young readers from one yoga pose to the next. From reaching your hands up to the sky to stretching like a cat to pressing up like a cobra snake, each posture helps to control breathing, engage in the present moment, and ultimately lead towards calmness and peacefulness.

Yoga Friends: A Pose-by-Pose Partner Adventure for Kids by Mariam Gates (2018-ebook on Hoopla)
From the creators of Good Night Yoga and Good Morning Yoga comes a beautifully illustrated city adventure that introduces children to the delights and benefits of partner yoga.  Perfect for teaming up with a friend, sibling, parent, or caregiver, each easy practice shows how cooperation helps us to imagine, move, and have fun in a whole new way.

Meddy Teddy: A Mindful Yoga Journey by Apple Jordan (2018)
Meddy encourages readers to try yoga poses as he comes out of hibernation, greets the springtime, and teaches his forest friends how to mindfully get through a variety of situations. 

Zoo Zen: A Yoga Story for Kids by Kristen Fischer (2017-ebook on Overdrive & Hoopla)
Join Lyla as she learns ten yoga poses from her friends at the zoo, receiving helpful tips along the way from each animal she encounters.

Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo (2017)
It's a perfect day for yoga, and Bunny is practicing his poses and wishes his friends would do yoga with him! But Lizard is too tired, Fox is in a rush, and Bird has the hiccups. Will Bunny ever be able to get his friends to slow down and realize that yoga just might be the solution to their problems?




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