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You Loves Ewe!

This side-splittingly funny picture book is about a silly donkey, a cranky yam, and an irresistible ewe.  The combination will be irresistible to YOU.

You Loves Ewe! by Cece Bell (11/26/19)
A persnickety spud, Yam, introduces the grammar-challenged Donkey to a new friend, Ewe, a lady sheep. The confusion between “ewe” and “you” results in a fabulously funny series of who’s-on-first misunderstandings, even though Yam explains the concept of homonyms to Donkey clearly enough for the youngest of readers to understand. Heightening the humor is an over-the-top love triangle, because everyone is in love with You. Err, Ewe.  Don't miss this high-comedy companion to I Yam a Donkey.

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