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What's Happening at the Hoover Public Library.

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Information on events, library related happenings, and other deep thoughts from our library staff.

The Southern Voices Festival will take place February 18-22. Ann Patchett will be speaking Friday night and the author conference will take place all day Saturday. Before you see the authors speak, check out some of their books:

Many of the Olympians we've been cheering for this month are teenagers.  Sports are obviously a major part of their lives.  If you're a teen athlete, you understand their enthusiasm and dedication.  If you aren't working towards a gold medal, you might have time to take a break from training and read one of these fiction books that feature fellow athletes.
The Batboy by Mike Lupica (baseball)
Compulsion by Heidi Ayarbe (soccer)
Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip by Jordan Sonnenblick (baseball)
The Final Four by Paul Volponi (basketball)
Jersey Tomatoes Are the Best by Maria Padian (tennis)
Making Waves by Nicole O'Dell (swimming)
Muckers by Sandra Neil Wallace (football)
One Shot Away by T. Glen Coughlin (wrestling)

Local writer, Kerry Madden will be speaking with Write Club this Saturday about her career as a writer and her childhood experiences as a football coach’s daughter. Ms. Madden has published several books, most notably Gentle’s Holler and Up Close: Harper Lee. Both novels have received starred reviews from the Kirkus Reviews and been listed as must reads for juvenile audiences. Ms. Madden currently resides in Birmingham where she teaches Creative Writing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Write Club will be meeting with Kerry Madden Saturday, February 15 at 10:30 am on the Plaza. This event is open to the public. For questions, please call 444-7821.

Happy Valentine's Day!  This holiday blog post is a little bit different.  Instead of focusing on the emotional heart, let's explore the actual heart.  Get pumped about learning with these books!
The Circulatory System by Christine Taylor-Butler
Circulatory System by Kay Manolis
The Circulatory System by Rebecca Olien
The Circulatory Story by Mary K. Corcoran
Hear Your Heart by Paul Showers
Heart by Shannon Caster
Heart by Veronica Ross
The Heart and Blood by Carol Ballard
Heart Disease by Johannah Haney
The Heart: Our Circulatory System by Seymour Simon
Heart Transplants by Nancy Hoffman
The Magic School Bus Has a Heart by Anne Capeci
My Heart and Blood by Dana Meachen Rau
Squirt!: The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read About Blood and the Heart by Trudee Romanek
Thump-Thump: Learning About Your Heart by Pamela Hill Nettleton
Your Heart by Terri DeGezelle

When I was a little girl, my daddy read books to me.  One of our favorites was Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Except my dad would always refer to her as Goldichickens.  And I would interrupt and say, "Not Goldichickens.  GoldiLOCKS!"  But, as the saying goes, a rose by any other name smells as sweet.  That means that a Goldilocks story by any other name would be just as fun to read.  Here are a just a few possibilities.
Dusty Locks and the Three Bears by Susan Lowell
Goldiclucks and the Three Bears by Charlotte Guillain
Goldie and the Three Bears by Diane Stanley
Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians by Jackie Hopkins
Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshall
Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Caralyn Buehner
Goldilocks and the Three Bears: A Tale Moderne by Steven Guarnaccia
Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems
Goldilocks and the Three Hares by Heidi Petach
Goldilocks and the Three Martians by Stu Smith
The Goldilocks Variations by Allan Ahlberg