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Can I volunteer at the library?

Yes. The library has volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Friends of the Library (Adults)

Most of our volunteers are involved in working in the Bookstore, but there are other opportunities available. These opportunities include assisting with hospitality, recruiting new members, preparing the newsletter, planning programs, publicity, telephone reminders of meetings and other activities. Let us know if you have a special area of interest in helping in one of these areas by coming to the next Friends of the library meeting. More information about the friends can be found on the Friends web page. Upcoming Friends meetings are listed on the events section of the website.

Teen Volunteers

This is routine work in the public library. A volunteer may be assigned a variety of tasks,given detailed instructions to be performed under direct supervision until the training period is over. The volunteer is expected to be able to work independently. Find out more and apply online on the Teen Community Service Volunteer Guidelines page.