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How do I reserve a meeting room?

Policy Statement

Use of the meeting room facilities is subject to the rules and regulations established by the Library Board of Trustees.

In accordance with the Library Bill of Rights, the primary purpose of library meeting rooms is to serve the needs of library-sponsored programs and services, and such functions shall always have priority. Otherwise, priority for use of the meeting rooms will be given to (1) Friends of the Library meetings or programs, and (2) City of Hoover meetings and functions. The Hoover Public Library provides meeting room space when available for use by Hoover community groups and organizations whose goals are civic and educational only. Each application will be reviewed and evaluated individually. The Board may examine the groups past history, goals and purposes to ensure equitable use


  1. Applicants for meeting room use must be residents of Hoover, and have a current Jefferson County library card.
  2. Groups must have 501c3 certification or be able to verify non-profit status, and whose goals are civic and educational only. On the basis of equity, library meeting rooms are not available to organizations whose memberships would overburden the library’s facilities.
  3. Meeting rooms are free to Hoover residents unless the group provides refreshments or catering for its members.
  4. A non-refundable fee, due at the time of application, is required per meeting when providing refreshments or catering. If a group provides refreshments or catering without the required usage fee, the group will not be permitted to meet until the account has been settled. The library does not provide tablecloths, dishes, eating utensils or coffee making supplies and appliances. All catering requests by meeting room patrons shall be directed to Coffee-ol-ogy, who shall have the right of first refusal.
  5. All meetings held in library meeting rooms must be free and open to the public. Groups using the room may not charge admission, sell items or request donations for attendance or participation.
  6. The following hours are available for meeting room usage: Monday – Thursday: 9:30 a.m. - 8:45 p.m., Friday: 9:30 a.m.-5:45 p.m., Saturday: 10:30 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. and Sunday: 2:30 p.m. - 5:45 p.m. Groups will not be able to enter rooms early or remain later than the designated time previously set by the groups contact person at the time of application.
  7. A maximum of 12 meetings per calendar year with no more than one meeting per month will be scheduled. (This limit does not apply to Library sponsored programs or municipal meetings and functions).
  8. Groups wishing to book a meeting room must submit a meeting room application online, or to the Fine Arts Staff, by phone or in person, no later than one week prior to the date requested. All applicants are subject to approval by the Fine Arts Coordinator. If approved, the Fine Arts Staff will confirm your reservation. The library reserves the right to withdraw a previously approved meeting room reservation. When this is necessary, as much advance notice as possible will be given to the organization.
  9. The library does not endorse the views of groups meeting in the facility. The library does not sponsor/ support the various groups using the meeting room(s), and publicity announcing meetings should in no way imply library sponsorship.
  10. The name or address of the library is not to be used in handouts or advertising of any kind except as a source of location. No group may use the library as a mailing address. Groups may not use the library’s phone number as a contact for program information.
  11. Meetings of groups of individuals under 18 years of age must have an adult sponsor in attendance. Groups of children 12 years old and under must have at least one adult sponsor for every five children. Groups of young people ages 13 - 17 must have an adult sponsor for every ten young people.
  12. Signs, decorations, or other objects are not to be taped or attached to walls or doors in any manner. The equipment listed on the meeting room application may be reserved for use only in the meeting rooms. No equipment or furniture is to be removed from the meeting rooms. Groups using the rooms are responsible for reimbursing the library for any damage to library furniture or equipment.
  13. Groups or organizations using this meeting space may not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disabled status in the provision of services.
  14. Programs may not be disruptive to the library or its mission. The library reserves the right to ask any group to leave its premises if the behavior of the group is deemed disruptive or inappropriate according to library service policy.
  15. The library may cancel use of the meeting rooms to any group that fails to comply with these rules and regulations.
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