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Jürgen Tarrasch was born to German parents in Pisz, Poland (formerly Johannisburg, East Prussia). At the age of 15, he moved with his family to West Germany, where he completed his primary education. In 1993, Jürgen received his MFA degree in painting and wall painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, where he studied with Polish masters Professor Jan Tarasin and Professor Edward Tarkowski. In 1997, he was awarded a grant from the Federal Republic of Germany to attend the European Center for Conservation and Historic Preservation in San Servolo/Venice, Italy, to further his study of the art of conserving and restoring frescos and other Renaissance and Baroque art forms.

Paper is culture’s medium of choice for revolution, for testament, and equally, for waste. It runs the gamut from humanity's most treasured artifacts to its most trampled-on debris. Paper’s ubiquitous nature makes it ripe as a method for subversion or directness, both with value. As a means of conveyance, paper suggests comprehension of whatever rests on its surface, be it pattern, word or other visual cue. However, there is enormous, dazzling potential in the precarious, seesawing chasm between clarity and misunderstanding, and in this ambiguous region, my paper collage works exist.

The Alabama School of Fine Arts is a public school authorized and funded by the Alabama Legislature to provide tuition-free instruction for impassioned students, grades 7-12. The school provides focused specialty instruction in Creative Writing, Dance, Mathematics and Science, Music, Theatre Arts and Visual Arts.

Artist and ASFA Visual Arts Faculty, Anne Herbert, collaborated with the Hoover Public Library Galleries to organize this student show and survey of contemporary abstract painting in Alabama.

Artists included in the exhibition: Jaylon Corley, Kaia Johnson, Brennan Lein, Kira Morgan, Sophie Morris, Madelyn Phillips, Calliope Ross, Bryan Serna-Perez, Cat Smith and Kamea Soberano.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Frances Osborn Robb

Lecture by Frances Osborn Robb
Thursday May 9, 6pm
Reception: 5:30-8pm


Christina Renfer Vogel


Doug Pierre Baulos


Stephen W. Evans


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