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Current Exhibitions

Shot in Alabama: A History of Photography is a visual and textual narrative of Alabama’s photographic history from 1839 to 1941. It describes the phenomenon of photography as practiced in Alabama as a major cultural force, paying close attention to the particular contexts from which each image emerges and the fragments of microhistory that each image documents.

This exhibition focuses on photographs made between the years of 1885 and 1937. All works are reproductions made from scans of the original photographs that were provided by Frances Osborn Robb and Alabama photographer, Pinky Bass.

The Alabama School of Fine Arts is a public school authorized and funded by the Alabama Legislature to provide tuition-free instruction for impassioned students, grades 7-12. The school provides focused specialty instruction in Creative Writing, Dance, Mathematics and Science, Music, Theatre Arts and Visual Arts.

Artist and ASFA Visual Arts Faculty, Anne Herbert, collaborated with the Hoover Public Library Galleries to organize this student show and survey of contemporary abstract painting in Alabama.

Artists included in the exhibition: Jaylon Corley, Kaia Johnson, Brennan Lein, Kira Morgan, Sophie Morris, Madelyn Phillips, Calliope Ross, Bryan Serna-Perez, Cat Smith and Kamea Soberano.

E. Bruce Phillips, Jr. received his BA from Morehouse College and his MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He has been an Associate Art Professor at Tuskegee University since 2009 and was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Alabama State Council on the Arts in 2016. Phillips has exhibited at the SCAD Museum of Art, the Johnson Center, the Legacy Museum at Tuskegee University, the Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University, the Birmingham Public Library, the Beech Institute, the City of Savannah Gallery and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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