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Adam Stoves

Adam Stoves

Paper is culture’s medium of choice for revolution, for testament, and equally, for waste. It runs the gamut from humanity's most treasured artifacts to its most trampled-on debris. Paper’s ubiquitous nature makes it ripe as a method for subversion or directness, both with value. As a means of conveyance, paper suggests comprehension of whatever rests on its surface, be it pattern, word or other visual cue. However, there is enormous, dazzling potential in the precarious, seesawing chasm between clarity and misunderstanding, and in this ambiguous region, my paper collage works exist. To fuse sources is a process of simultaneous destruction and creation, and through this cyclical, Ouroboros-like course I reveal harmonies, conspicuous or concealed. My collage works degrade and then reassemble commonplace forms liberated of context, a sort of shifty mimesis. The works aspire for balance between reverence and scrap; between form and the formless; between familiar and hazy.

Adam Stoves was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He received his BFA from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and his MFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in private collections both domestic and abroad. After ping-ponging from coast to coast, he and his delightful little family have landed in Birmingham.