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Anne Herbert

Anne Herbert

Anne Herbert is a Visual Art Instructor at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. She received her MFA in 2013 from the University of Alabama and her BFA in Painting from the University of Montevallo in 2007. Professionally, Anne has taught at University and high school levels, worked in museum education, coordinated outreach programs and managed galleries. Anne maintains a strong creative practice and exhibits regularly throughout the southeast and nationally. Her paintings, material, image, and conceptual research are bolstered by contemporary methodologies but grounded in historical painting philosophies.

Painting for Anne Herbert is an act of restraint, experimentation and a series of dynamic moments and explosions. But it is also a quiet and slow study of the qualities and possibilities of the process of painting. She allows her work to develop and evolve to its own accord, minimizes her conscious intentions, encourages unpredictable outcomes and fractures her volatile shapes and textures. The result of this is a body of work that feels like a living and breathing entity and the imagery that she pulls from the canvas oscillates as though it is a dialogue between the industrial and the organic.