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Bluff Park Preview Show

Bluff Park Preview Show

"praise hymn" Debra Riffe

This year’s Bluff Park Preview Show runs through the end of August and includes artists Toby Klein, Debra Riffe, Brittany Carol Moore, Matthew Mayes, Terry Beckham, Leah Karol, Melanie O’Keefe and Rick Plasters.

The Bluff Park Art Show is organized by the Bluff Park Art Association (BPAA), and for over fifty years, they have exhibited national, reginal and local artists at this annual arts showcase. The Bluff Park Art Show began as a way to raise money to expand the Bluff Park Elementary Library and has grown into a nationally recognized and acclaimed arts exhibition. The show has grown from 65 artists to more than 150 and attracts over 10,000 people each year. Proceeds from the show go towards improving the arts in the greater Birmingham area.

The 54th Annual Bluff Park Art Show will be on Saturday Oct. 7th, 2017