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Bluff Park Preview Show

Bluff Park Preview Show

The Hoover Public Library and the Bluff Park Art Association have been collaborating for over twenty years to produce the Bluff Park Preview Show. This year's exhibition is comprised of six local artists that will be participating in the Bluff Park Art Show on October 5th. Presented annually by the Bluff Park Art Association, the Bluff Park Art Show began as a way to raise money to expand the Bluff Park Elementary library and has grown into a nationally recognized and acclaimed art show that attracts thousands of visitors and artists from across the country. Artists included in the exhibition: Katie Adams, Allison Jane Dailey, Yun Jian, Butch Oglesby, Lucy Pike and Mary Lynne Robbins.

Katie Adams grew up in Birmingham. She always had a love for painting and drawing, but foolishly abandoned these interests in her youth and pursued a degree in Finance from Auburn. After working in her chosen path for only a short while, she rekindled her love of art. Katie has been a professional artist for over ten years. Her current work focuses on painting realistic birds, butterflies and fish on abstracted backgrounds.

Allison Jane Dailey is a self-taught photographer who creates “photo art” in her home studio in Hoover, Alabama. Photographs are taken locally around Birmingham and during travel throughout the Southeast. Unique works of art are then created by digitally enhancing and/or layering images to bring out vivid colors and textures. Allison participates in various art festivals and markets in Alabama.

Yun Jian holds a Ph.D. degree in environmental sciences from Duke University and now works as a quantitative risk analyst. Jian started private lessons of Chinese brush painting at the age of three and acrylic painting in middle school. Jian’s artwork has both Western and Eastern influences. Her paintings mainly focus on landscapes, plants and animals using acrylic and oil techniques.

Butch Oglesby is a photographer from South Alabama. When he was a child his mother let him use the family’s Brownie Hawkeye to make photos of his friends, family, nature and his toys. It was something he never outgrew. After living in several different states and spending nearly a decade in Europe, he opened Blue Moon Studios and worked as a professional photographer until his retirement. Today he continues to follow his passion by creating art photography and many of his works hang in homes and business across the United States.

Lucy Pike is an abstract painter who creates intuitively and is process-driven, allowing the texture of the material itself to inform the evolution of her work. Her expressive brushstrokes and marks explore the intersectionality of chaos and restraint. Lucy grew up in the Smoky Mountains and currently works and resides in Birmingham with her husband and two children.

Mary Lynne Robbins, after thirty-five years of working professionally in the fields of performing arts and music, has turned her full attention to becoming a credible artist in the field of fine arts. She would describe her art as representational, introspective and spontaneous. It reflects the many interests in her life, especially music, dance and nature.