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Coalesce: Collaborative Work by Joseph and Misty Bennett

Coalesce: Collaborative Work by Joseph and Misty Bennett

Joseph and Misty Bennett met while undergraduate students at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Joe continued his graduate studies at SCAD, earning his MFA in the Illustration department, and Misty went on to complete her MFA at the University of Georgia, in Drawing and Painting.  They are now both Professors in the art department at the University of Montevallo.

This exhibition of collaborative works started out as an experimental conversation between two artists.  They developed a process wherein one artist would begin a drawing, then hand it over to the other, and they would continue to pass it back and forth until both felt there was nothing more to add.  It was a reactionary and spontaneous way of working, which led to a sense of discovery and a deeper understanding of self for each artist.  Every time the work was handed over, there was something unexpected.  Each artist was free to alter the other’s work in any way they felt necessary, and this trust was a crucial part of the process.  It developed into a non-verbal conversation between them; each piece having its own dialog, narrative, and stopping point.  They share an interest in abstraction, and give form to those ideas in ways that are different, but complimentary.  They have been working collaboratively since 2012, while continuing to also develop their individual bodies of work.